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Four Healthy Habits to Manage Stress Working From Home

Four Healthy Habits to Manage Stress Working From Home

With everyone under lockdowns because of the COVID-19, most of previous office works have now turned to work from home.  It is rather regretful that we now have to bring our tedious work activities and deadlines in our very own home where we should have our rest and comfort. As such, where work stress should remain in offices, unfortunately, the same seem to migrate to homes. But worry not, just as much as you can prevent work stress, you can also adjust to a work-from-home setup. In this article, we’ll tell you the different healthy habits you can do to manage work stress from home.

Designate your specific work area.

The first thing to do when taking work to your home is to set a specific workplace. This specific workplace can be a specific room in your house to which you will do your work and only your work. Choosing a specific working place sets a boundary between work time and family time. In such a way, your brain gets wired to worry about work in that specific room and leave work in that same specific room.

Eat well and keep Hydrated.

As what’s often said, you are what you eat. So it probably is no surprise that eating well is a must for keeping yourself healthy. That said, before diving into work, prepare healthy snacks beforehand. The easier you can access the food, the better. In other words, you’ll most likely be able to grab healthy food as snacks if you put plates of fresh foods and fruits like sliced apples, oranges, and the like near your table. Aside from eating healthy foods, keep yourself hydrated throughout the day. To achieve this, keeping a bottle of water on your desk should do the trick.

Get your sleep.                 

This is probably the most lacking healthy habit in employees.But just because you work in your home does not mean you have to lose sleep over that tedious work task. To be able to achieve this healthy habit, it’s best to schedule your work time throughout the day and learn to prioritize along the way.

Get moving from time to time.

Even with working in the office, employees barely get to move around. How much more having to work from home? If you think about it this way—working for eight hours for five days a week can result in a heavy toll on your physical health. So, stretch that bod into movement and move around every hour at least. Simple stretches and arm exercises shouldsuffice. In fact, any physical activity will do!

Now that you’ve got these simple yet effective healthy habits, time to adopt and rock that work from home setup—just much healthier!

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