UI and UX web design. Mobile application design, e-shop design.

Web design refers to graphics design (UI design), and to the development, management, and interactivity (UX design) that apply to a website or a web application. Web design discipline requires work on the hierarchy of the information, the structure of the website, its functionality and ergonomics. Design elements such as layout, color pallets, fonts, web icons, graphics design, and illustrations are included in the process of prototyping.

The user experience and interaction with the device (desktop, tablet,
mobile) and the environment we create, will lead to the corresponding
behavior that will determine the success of any web project: corporate website, web application , e-shop, blog, etc.

In addition to graphic design, the technical part is also
essential in the development of a web page – app. The internet, the
devices and their applications are rapidly developing and require
continuous training by a professional web developer and designer.

Features such as responsive design, content management systems (CMS), etc. offer full compatibility between devices and operating systems (android, iOS) as well as management over the content and appearance.

The development of an online platform enables us to manage a multitude of functions on websites, mobile applications, e-shops and more, as well as to coordinate communication between them and with social media.

There is no meaning to the existence of a website without the appropriate SEO (Search Engine Optimization). SEO services, promotion techniques, and their related costs vary, as well as opinions on what strategy is considered “beneficial”. For us in NO IDEA, SEO starts from the “organic” content (copywriting, key wording, etc.) customized for search engines in conjunction with the professional code development. A web site without original, scrupulous content will be expensive to maintain in a long-term since it will require continuously funding online campaigns and advertizing in order to get “paid visitors” as well as a decent ranking in search engines.

All you need in one service

We offer a complete package of services, so you can have the best end result & don't miss any important steps while developing your E-shop or App.