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Mail Marketing plus best Mailchimp alternatives

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Much talk has been going that email marketing is dead.

Regardless, the statistics and benefits of email marketing shows otherwise. Firstly, 99% of consumers check their emails every day while 91% of adultsprefer businesses to send promotional content through emails. These are much of a strong statistic to disregard for businesses aiming to grow its reach.Marketing-wise, email marketing is the most cost-efficient form of marketingmuch cheaper yet much effective.

It gives your business the power to market its brand through personalized messages and timely content. To put it briefly, email marketing is self-promotion. Through mail marketing, you can build meaningful relationships with your customers while building credibility for your business by sharing informative promotional contentreaching the right people at the right time

Further, not only is email marketing scalable to reach smaller tolarge audiences, but you can also easily evaluate the success of your marketing campaign. Regardless, choosing the mail marketing software that fits your budget and needs might be the most difficult part in an email marketing campaign. Mailchimp might be the most recommended mail marketing tool but there are much affordable options with perhaps more features than Mailchimp.

Below, we’ll tell you the best Mailchimp alternatives and how each of them might just be the game-changer for your business:

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  1. GetResponse – For quality email marketing automation, GetResponse is for you. It allows you to integrate your marketing strategy with its easy-to-use versatile tools.
  2. Sedinblue – If you’re sending thousand emails per month, Sedinblue is for you. It provides a free plan for 300 emails per day beating Mailchimp!
  3. Benchmark Email–It provides a free plan that is ahead of Mailchimp in terms of email automation.
  4. Aweber – If user-friendly email marketing tools is your go-to, Aweber is here for you.
  5. ActiveCampaign–For the professionals, ActiveCampaign might be the best. Better than others, ActiveCampaign not only automates your email marketing but also integrates your sales and CRM tools.

All in all, with the right mail marketing tool and strategy, email marketing is perhaps the simplest yet the most cost-effective form of marketing to easily increase your conversions and sales!

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