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Make Money with Publishing your Content Online: The Best Publication for Writers in 2020

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For a writer starting out, making money from your content is no easy feat. Although, tons of online publications and writing platforms are available for writers in the worldwide web. Most likely however, you’ll be stuck shifting through these thousands of publications before you can actually find a publication that suits your needs as a writer. The reason why? Writing have different genre and different types with tons of different purposes and each publication typically excel on specific types of writing. In other words, knowing your niche and the best publication for that niche would help you accelerate the search but the process still remain tedious.

But don’t worry, we’re here to help you skip that! Here are some of the best e-zines, webzines, and online publications for the year 2020!

Blogging Publications

Medium.comis at the top of our list.For writers who want to build a following, Medium is the best platform for a starting writer looking for a curated audience.The catch however, is you have to join Medium’s Partner Program for your published articles be eligible for earning and the program is currently limited to only a few countries.

Quorapays writers in answering questions posted to the website. This is best for writers who wants to consider writing as a side-income.

HubPages enables writers to earn content through Google AdSense.  This site is best for starting writers with not much capital as HubPages covers everything from hosting to publication.


Boulevard Magazine is best for fiction, poetry, and non-fiction writers. It accepts submissions from both published and unpublished writers. So worry not, unpublished writers, so long as you have an exceptional piece, you’re in!

Short-Story.Me! is the haven publication for short story writers. The publication has been publishing stories online since 2009 so expect a wider audience reach for your stories!

Big Bridge was established since 1997 and is one of the most visited literary magazine online. They only accept online submission and is best for fiction, art, poetry, and non-fiction writers.

With these publications, time to pump that pen into writing!

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