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Making Money from Website Ads

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making money for google ads

With the recent pandemic, making money online is perhaps today’s most feasible and lucrative source of income. Making money online however does not necessarily mean difficult. Online revenue strategies are commonly simple once you get the hang of it. One of these money-making online strategies is earning revenues from ads on websites.

Ads on your blog can generate more income per view than YouTube platform does, sometimes 3, 5 times or even more. To illustrate just how much you can earn from website ads, imagine a display advertising generating as much $145 while a native advertising of about $1,276 for 500,000 pageviews!

If you had a long forgotten blogging website, now’s the time to start rocking off the revenues and hitting that website alive again! Below, we’ll tell you just how it works in making money from website ads with a few suggestions on the best platforms for earning revenue.

How it works

Before dealing with the lucrative works, understanding the basic advertising terms first is key in earning more from your website ads. These terms allows you to know the basics in charging for ads and tracking ad revenue on your website.

advertisement appearing on a website

CTRClickthrough Rateis simply the ratio of clicks an ad has to the number of people who’ve seen the ad. For example, If 200,000 people saw your ad and 20,000 people clicked on it, then the CTR is 10%. Simply put, the higher the CTR, the more effective is the ad as people are clicking it.

CPCCost-Per-Clickis the more common metric publishers use in selling their ad space. This is because it displays the amount of money an advertiser spends each time a consumer clicks on their ad. For example, if you are a publisher selling ad space on your website, an advertiser who generated 1000 clicks at $0.58 per click from the ad space you sold spent $580. You, the publisher earns that revenue.

In other words, advertisers stream new sales through the ad space the website owner sold, the platform earns in serving those ads, while you get money when people click on those ads from your website. It’s a win-win for everyone. So long as you have a visitor on your website who clicks on your ads, you earn a revenue. For example, if your blog or website gets 500,000 visitors each month, you get the following potential ad revenue:

  1. 500,000 views or ad impressions.
  2. CTR of about 1%.
  3. 1% of 500,000 is 5,000.
  4. If the CPC is $0.01, you make $50.
  5. If the CPC is higher such as $1.00, you get $5,000.

Although, few ads payout at $1/click rate, you are most likely to land between those two rates mentioned. Regardless, you earn revenue by just selling your ad space and maintaining or growing visitors to your website. Aside from knowing how website ad monetization works, the rest of the success also depends on the platform you’re usingas the revenue you generate depends on the platform. Below we’ll tell you some of the best platforms to monetize ads on website.


Best Platforms

1.       Google AdSense remains the best and most popular ad network there is. This is because of the easy interface Adsense features while giving you full control and access to hundreds and thousands of advertisers.

2.       Revcontent is today’s fastest growing native ad networks in the industry. Premium publishers use their platform to monetize ads on their websites. Downside however is the platform offers higher rates than competing platforms for excellent service.

3.       Media.net serves ads from both Bing and Yahoo. This platform is often viewed as the highest paying alternative to AdSense. This is because Media.net offers a combination of native, contextual, and display ads to deliver varied advertising experiences to users and publishers alike.


Website ad monetization may seem difficult for beginners but with this basic guide and using the platforms we suggested, you can start monetizing your traffic website as easy as now!


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