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The Beginner’s Guide to Blog Writing: Make Money Online with Blogging

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The Beginner’s Guide to Blog Writing: Make Money Online with Blogging

You might think that blogging is rocket science but six steps are all you need to start your blogging journey. What others do not tell you is the difficulty in profiting from your blog.Monetizing a blog is no easy feat. Many had tried and many had failed. It is difficult to not only generate but to also maintain traffic to your website. Any blog whose writer is not passionate of his craft fails. Fret no more however, aswe’ll tell you below the different ways to generate traffic and monetize it.To start your own blog, you just need to:


Step 1. Decide a blogging platform.

Choose a platform. There are tons of free blogging platforms you can find but know that these platforms may be limiting which may prevent you from controlling more of your site.Regardless, the most famous platform bloggers use is WordPress with nearly a 100 million bloggers, as to date.


Step 2. Get a domain and a hosting account provider.

Only choose a good domain that is relatively close to your brand and your niche. You may buy one for lowest prices at godaddy.com

how a blog can generate income

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Step 3. Configure and design your blog.

This may sound easy but this is where most bloggers fail. If you want to start a blog to earn money, you cannot recklessly design your blog, you must do this in such a way that your whole website communicates your brand and your writing which brings me to the fourth step.


Step 4. Decide a niche.

As I’ve said, earning through blogging is not some quick cash. It’s a passive income that grows over time if you hit the right niche. Given that it’s a long road, choose a topic you are passionate about, a subject that you’ll never tire writing about. In such a way, you’ll write quality topics and at the same time, cater to a specific niche you actually care about.


Step 5. Quality content is king.

Create useful and informative content that piques the interest of readers. I cannot stress this enough. Emphasize quality over quantity.


Step 6.Digital marketing is key.

Starting your blog does not end just from writing, you must know the basics in digital marketing and email marketing. With tons of other bloggers in the web, you’re content will most likely be buried without SEO, keyword optimization and social media engagement. You can drive traffic to your site through linking your social media channels to your blog and by marketing your content.

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Image Credits:      https://www.bloggingbasics101.com/ via BB101


Now, that you’ve started your own blog, the next step is to monetize from it.Below, we’ll tell you a quick and simple list on the different ways you can profit from your blog.


1.       Join Medium.com through its Medium Partner Program to get paid for your articles.

2.       Sells add space to host website ads on your blog.

3.       Affiliate Marketing.

4.       Online Courses and Workshops.

5.       Books and Ebooks.

6.       Use of lead magnets to bring people into your sales funnel.


In all sense, blog writing cannot get you rich overnight. It is a passive income that is designed to grow as you accumulate your traffic and following.Perhaps, the best strategy to be successful in blog writing is blogging what you are passionate about. In such manner, the traffic will accumulate over time and you can then lead your followers into your blog and into your sales funnel where you sell your high-priced items. Regardless, blog writing is a journey and its spoils only goes to the long-standing victor!

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