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Ways to get followers on Instagram

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The most common method that everybody use is the follow unfollow strategy, which is a great method, if you not overdo it, but a very slow process too.

If you’re not familiar with the follow unfollow Instagram method, i will explain you what it does it’s basically following and unfollowing other Instagram accounts regularly to gain followers on your account. In other words, follow unfollow Instagram method is when people follow lots of accounts only looking for a follow back(follow in return). If they don’t receive a follow back in a certain amount of time, they’ll unfollow you.

Common mistakes that you must avoid:

Do not demand from people to follow you back, don’t send DMs asking them to follow you back aggressively or use text like << follow4follow 😉 >>. This makes you look like a spammer and it is very unprofessional. If someone follow you back, you can send a thank you message to establish a communication with your new follower/potential client. You don’t want to follow anyone but only targeted people, those are the ones you want to follow. So instead of following random Instagram users, follow the ones who are in the same niche as you. Normally, people who follow accounts that are similar to yours. For example, if you’re a travel account you should also be following accounts that follow other travel accounts.

To ensure that you don’t follow inactive accounts do this always; follow accounts that have engaged with the last image on the account in your niche. Go to profile in your niche, look at the people who liked the last image posted those are people who you want to follow because they’re clearly active users.

Also be aware of the Instagram limits to avoid bn or account suspension. You can follow a maximum of 200 people an hour and a thousand people a day. We recommend following the maximum of 50 people an hour and around 300 new people each day as a maximum. Remember to wait at least a week before you unfollow the people you follow because it will look odd to Instagram, as they are aware of every action you make.


Instagram pods (aka engagement groups) are direct messages between a group of about 15-20 people who are in a similar industry as your own. Pod’s rules vary, but essentially, whenever a user posts something new, they share that post in the direct message, and everyone in the group is required to like or comment. This enables the post to rise to the top of the user’s followers’ feeds. It’s mutually beneficial for everyone in the group, since it operates on a like-for-like or comment-for-comment basis.

For this purpose Telegram is the preferred app most groups use for their communication. You can find million pods on Facebook groups, Viber groups, Whatapp, Telegram, Discord and many more with a simple search on Google. Don’t be fooled thought it takes a lot of time and effort to find the right pod. Since companies don’t typically want to get caught using a pod, the best performing pods are often kept secret from the public. Getting caught using a pod could harm your brand’s integrity, since it implies your engagement isn’t authentic. Using random pods will not bring you potential clients or followers that are interested for your niche.

While Instagram pods themselves haven’t been officially banned, it’s clear Facebook and Instagram don’t condone them because these tactics are meant to “trick” ‘their algorithm, which violates their terms of use.

Additionally, it’s doubtful whether pods are a useful long-term strategy. Yes, they get you a boost in engagement on posts you send to your group, but that doesn’t necessarily translate to the kind of engagement you want — namely, comments and likes by people who could buy from you down the road, or become your best brand advocates.

Your engagement metrics will also be skewed, and you’ll no longer be able to tell if your content is resonating with your potential customers. Is your audience liking your content because they feel it’s relatable, or are they liking it because you asked them to? It is something that you should really consider.


Do's and don'ts

Do not buy followers and likes. They are not potential customers and all you are doing is wasting money. Also, the numbers in the statistics are no longer representative, so you do not know what strategy to follow to attract potential customers and turn your followers into customers.

Follow people who are interested in the subject of your work or your product. An easy way to find these people is to follow along
people who follow other social media accounts with the same subject (competitors).

Do not follow / unfollow en masse.

Do not use engagement boost groups. They create the same problem as buying followers. The chances of getting new potential customers from these groups are slim.

Post a post and a story at least 3 times a week. Big companies publish 5 posts a day and even more stories. Their followers are looking forward to seeing these posts. Why; The company has found followers who are really interested in their brand but also gives value to the reader by uploading quality content.

The person behind the brand. Show pictures with your employees at work or you doing the daily chores of your business. In this way your followers identify and create strong links (loyal customers)

Pay attention to the use of hashtags. You do not need to put a lot of effort into getting the most out of your post. Use a hashtag that is related to the subject of the photo and the text. We usually use hashtags of different sizes in followers and posts.

Engage. Like & comment on relevant posts and posts of your followers so that you remind them of the existence of your business. This way they will do the same to you and spread the name of your business.

Use location in each post.

Use alt text in each post. We facilitate people with disabilities as well as search engines / platform algorithm to promote our publication to the right audience.

Tag people. Tag people! By adding, for example, the wine winemaker on the table to your photo,
you help his business gain popularity. But you also help your own business with the promotions that the winemaker of our example will make in your publication.


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Hiring a Page Administrator

Having and managing a Social media account requires the skills of how to get real followers and expertise in Instagram management. In such a field, we suggest you choose an Instagram manager that fits your goal and market your products to the needs of your customers. In fact, having an expert Instagram account manager will benefit you because it helps you market your product or service with an element of creativity and with respect to Instagram-specific algorithms. Checking your page reports, scheduling the required updates, using Instagram analytics tools effectively, editing photos, And creating engaging content tailored to the topic of the page and etc.

These include time-consuming activities that require expertise and tools but make it easy for you by selecting a manager with the necessary management tools and expertise if you are one of those people who do not have the time to do so. This can prevent you from wasting your time.

The solution to this problem is to use someone else to manage your page if needed.

Many celebrities are turning their Instagram pages into trusted administrators Or at least some of the tasks, such as maintaining the security of the page, are left to administrators.

Or for example, pages that do business or pages that are run on a store Sometimes they have more than one administrator, so depending on the page’s need and scope, they may have between one and several page administrators. It’s not bad to know that IGA stands for Instagram Page Admin, not just a simple phrase on the Internet, but a job row that means an admin page on Instagram.
So anyone who runs a page in the virtual world or works with software related to cyberspace is an administrator.

An Instagram account manager should regularly share posts related to the topic of the page he has. The number of posts shared and the frequency of posting depends on the topic of the page.

They should have a creative mind who makes entertaining and converting posts on your feed which catches the eye of the people interested in your page.

It is a very precise job as it requires a perfect mix of determination and creativity, One of the major tasks of the Instagram account manager is to collect Followers in a variety of ways. These can include publishing attractive posts, advertising, or other pageviews. Also IPA is obliged to constantly respond to the audience through comments or directives and to answer their questions, criticisms, and conversations. Being in touch with your audience is the key figure to generate more engagement, the more you are in touch with your audience, the better. be the Instagram page you always wished for: always responding, kind and warm-hearted!

Being an Instagram admin is not an easy task. The scope of an Instagram admin is very broad, but it can be said that everything is related to the activity of a Page Instagram.
For example, if a singer hires an Instagram account manager, his/her main job is to publish posts and news about that person and his/her life.
In addition to responding to comments and directories and sharing stories, other page admin tasks can be defined.
It can be said that updating your Instagram page is the same as all but can be different in the content.
But for example, in the admin page of the store, the admin should make a copy of each image and product associated with that product.
Check out all of the warehouse inventory and orders, deliveries and customers, Keep up to date with customer needs and leave a story about Page activity. Also respond to comments, directories, and inquiries

Hiring the right person for the job is very crucial so always look for people that have the skills and remember to be specific about your brand’s identity and what audience you want to target.

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