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No matter what kind of company you operate, the regions in which you have an online presence, or the business goals you have, we will help you grow your brand online. We offer a full range of services enabling you to enhance your entire ecommerce ecosystem: site performance assessment, creation and implementation of tailored digital strategies for email and affiliate marketing, social media campaigns, and webmastering support and training.No matter what kind of company you operate, the regions in which you have an online presence, or the business goals you have, we will help you grow your brand online. We offer a full range of services enabling you to enhance your entire ecommerce ecosystem: site performance assessment, creation and implementation of tailored digital strategies for email and affiliate marketing, social media campaigns, and webmastering support and training.

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Our Shop Management Solutions

Consulting Services

Our certified specialists provide an on-demand custom audit and offer support for all your ecommerce efforts in every touchpoint of digital marketing. We analyze the results gained during the previous period, define successes and fails, and develop a plan for future optimizations on your KPIs according to these results.

Digital Marketing Services

Looking to enhance the performance of your digital store and better engage with your customers? OSF offers a custom digital marketing plan tailored to meet your business objectives. We recommend improvements on all the levels, starting from SEO, SEM and UX/UI. We are skilled in designing an email marketing strategy according to industry-defined best practices that to help you increase conversion rates and achieve greater revenue.

Healthy Check-up

Treat your website to a full-scale audit provided by our experts. We assess the experience you are currently offering to your customers, as well as the results you’re generating from your online sales. We examine your existing email marketing tactics and evaluate your site’s overall performance within search engine results. By identifying your exact needs, we will propose solutions and offer any training necessary to help you deliver an optimized user journey and obtain better conversions in your marketing funnel.

Storefront Management

Get access to the deep expertise and vast resources available from OSF’s team. Striving towards a win-win and based on your specific business goals, we create a plan with the aim to improve the user experience, increase customer loyalty, and promote your products through intelligent marketing campaigns – all with the goal of boosting sales.

Training in the Ecommerce Ecosystem

Are you taking full advantage of the capabilities of your online platform? OSF’s consultants offer training in Salesforce Commerce Cloud Business Manager according to your needs, knowledge and day-to-day operations. With a focus on the end-to-end performance of your website, we’ve developed trainings in mostly all the digital tools a marketeer would use, such as but not limited to Google Analytics and AdWords, so you can be fully prepared to optimize and leverage the features of your online solution.

Social media Management

Social media management is the process of managing your online presence on social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter by creating, publishing, and analyzing content you post. In addition, social media management includes engaging and interacting with social media users. You can use tools, services, and social media managers to oversee your social media management.

Social media has created an
unprecedented opportunity for brands. Today, your business can engage
directly with customers and the benefits of doing so include: 

  • Uncovering valuable insights about your buyers and how they view your products, services and brand
  • Handling complaints expediently 
  • Developing a stronger value proposition by putting your brand out there and showing prospects and customers you care

Together, these benefits also help socially active brands build better solutions.

media management touches on a number of important elements, all of
which form part of a well-structured digital marketing strategy. 

blog post covers the core components of social media management. We’ll
connect the dots between social media strategy and social media
management. You’ll also learn what the most important factor of running a
well-oiled social media management operation is, and how to choose the
right platforms for your brand. 
we’ll dig into the importance of planning and schedule content
effectively to ensure that your brand reaps all the rewards possible
from social media.

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It all Starts With Your Customer

Behind every successful digital marketing strategy is a marketing team with a very clear and detailed understanding of who their buyers are. 

They know all there is to know about how their customers think. Fact is, unless you know your buyers, you won’t know how to appeal to them. 

Understanding buyers isn’t what it used to be. You need to move beyond demographics and start focusing on what your buyers value. You need to know how they feel about the challenges they face and how they expect your solution to deliver when they commit to it. 

Choose the Right Social Media Platforms for Your Brand

Not all social media platforms are created equally. They appeal to various ages and interests. For example, TikTok is a fast-growing video-based social platform. 41% of users are between the ages of 16 and 24. They produce comedic sketches, record themselves singing songs and more.

If you’re a social media marketing manager for an accounting SaaS solution, it’s easy to see that TikTok isn’t where you should spend time trying to grow your brand.

On the other hand, LinkedIn is a professional social media network. More people turn to it for insights on business, including thought leadership content. Developing a series of strong, in-depth articles about common challenges that your buyers experience could lead to more awareness and potentially more leads for your business.

Choosing the right platform is a matter of understanding what kind of users each platform attracts.

The easiest way to determine whether your buyers are on a certain social media platform is to use information gathered from your personas and access each platform. Create an account and begin searching for users, hashtags, questions and content related to your industry.

As you search, collect your findings. Your goal is to build a case for whether you should invest time on the social media platform. If you find that there aren’t many users and there’s little content, move onto the next platform.

What Types of Content You’ll Produce

The content you’ll produce for social media will be informed by who your audience is and what they are interested in.

In 2015, Jeremy Miller wrote a book titled “Sticky Branding.” According to Miller, only 3% of your market are active buyers.

he remaining pool consists of:

  • 7% who may need your product but haven’t started searching options
  • 30% who don’t have an urgent desire to purchase it right now
  • 30% who don’t have a need and aren’t interested in your marketing
  • 30% who aren’t the perfect customer because they don’t align with your brand

Understanding the above will help you focus on creating content that addresses the states of each buyer. This means creating content to help them transition from the 30% how aren’t interested through to the 3% who are ready to buy.

How Often You’ll Publish Content and how Much You’ll Create

This is something many people wonder. In a perfect world, you’d be able to create however much content you choose. Budgets, however, dictate how much you can really produce and ultimately share. You’ll, therefore, need to strike a balance between what your budget allows and what’s most important to share with your customers on social media.
Your content schedule will become the roadmap for what content is to be published and when. Having one also makes it easier to produce results.
It should include all the content that you’ll share on social. This covers each account, type of content, date and time.
Most social media management applications come with scheduling functionality. This streamlines the process of planning content around themes or campaigns and scheduling it.
For example, Loomly offers a content calendar. In shows all social media content to be published, when it will be published and which social platform account will be used.

Another thing to consider is engaging with your audience which is a critical component of social media management.
It’s an opportunity to have direct interactions and learn more about challenges, needs and desires they have, and how your brand, products and services can help address them.
But connecting with your audience isn’t just about polls and surveys. It’s about answering questions, offering helpful information, and sometimes escalating queries to the right department to resolve.


A Word on Scaling Across Social Platforms

Content creation can be tough. You need to be creative and produce enough of it consistently. For example, if your brand is on TikTok and Instagram, but struggles to produce videos where images are easier, trying to grow on TikTok may not be an effective approach or use of resources. 

Instead, focusing on Instagram would allow you to produce content efficiently and serve your audience more effectively. Playing to your strengths will also help you share a stronger brand experience as opposed to spreading your budget and efforts thin and potentially making your brand look unappealing. 

Once you start to see success on one platform, consider your growing to the next. Having refined your content creation and management process, it will be easier to manage an extra account.

Consistency is key

Having determined what types of content you’ll publish and how often, you need to take action and do so consistently. Social media is a highly competitive space and your customers are being engaged by brands that are both in your industry and others, all trying to sell your customers something. 

To stand out, you’ll need to consistently publish content to stay top-of-mind. Doing so also supports buyers at each stage of their journey to becoming active and ready to spend money with your brand.

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